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Samuel French Ltd., a Concord Theatricals Company (, publish the vocal scores of most of my musical plays. They include the musical accompaniment and the lyrics of the songs, and, in most cases, the incidental music too. These vocal scores can be bought separately from the playscript/libretto. Samuel French sell them in their shop at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square,London SW1W 8AS - and by mail order -

They provide the music for:-

AladdinBabe the sheep pigBabes in the Magic WoodThe BFGYou shall go to the ball

Aladdin Nutcracker Sweet
Babe the Sheep-Pig Old Father Time
Babes in the Magic Wood The Old Man of Lochnagar
The BFG Old Mother Hubbard
Cinderella The Owl and The Pussycat Went to See ...
Dick Whittington and Wondercat The Papertown Paperchase
Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish The Pied Piper
Flibberty and the Penguin The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner
The Gingerbread Man Robin Hood
Hijack over Hygenia Rupert and The Green Dragon
The Ideal Gnome Expedition Save the Human
Jack and The Giant The See-Saw Tree
Jack the Lad The Selfish Shellfish
Larry the Lamb in Toytown Spot's Birthday Party
Meg and Mog Show There was an Old Woman ....
More Adventures of Noddy Tickle
Mother Goose's Golden Christmas The Witches

NoddyThe WitchesSpots Christmas PartyThe Old Man Of LochnagarRobin Hood

Rock NavityThe Owl And The Pussy CatROCK NATIVITY and THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S LUNCH are published by Josef Weinberger Ltd (

Librettos and vocal scores available. Address: 12-14 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JJ. Tel: 020 7580 2827.


The sheet music of the individual songs recorded on THE DAVID WOOD SONG BOOK cassette is included in the vocal scores of the shows from which they come. I'm afraid there are no single copies of songs available.

However, when some of the plays toured with Whirligig Theatre, schools often asked for the sheet music of certain songs, particularly those with an environmental theme. So we prepared copies and supplied them as an educational resource. The following songs are still available:

WHEN WILL WE LEARN? from The Selfish Shellfish

Sample lyric:

When will we learn?
When will we learn
That the world wasn't made for only you and me?
When will we learn?
When will it be?
When will we learn?
When will we see?

Will we ever stop polluting
The rivers and the seas?
Will we ever stop destroying
The forests and the trees?

When will we learn?
When will we see?
When will we learn?
How long must we wait?
And if we do learn
Will it be too late?

Price: £3.00 including postage

THE SEE-SAW TREE from the play of the same name

Sample lyric:
Sing the story of the see-saw tree
Standing proud and free
Such a sight to see
May we always share
With the creatures living there
The story of the glory of
The see-saw tree

A long time ago a squirrel found
An acorn and buried it in the ground

Came the rain and the sun on the fertile earth
And the story had begun with an oak tree's birth

Price: £3.00 including postage


THE CODE OF THE GNOMES and USE YOUR EYES AND EARS from The Ideal Gnome Expedition (and the tv series Chish 'n' Fips)

The story of two garden gnomes, this play/tv series includes THE CODE OF THE GNOMES (also the tv theme tune), about helpfulness.

Sample lyric:
If anyone's in trouble or in a mess
If anyone's unhappy, unwell or in distress
It's up to us! It's up to us!
It's up to us! It's up to us!
With no fuss it's up to us
To help him on his way
It's up to us! It's up to us!
It's up to us! It's up to us!
The code of the gnomes
We must obey



Particularly popular was the road safety song, USE YOUR EYES AND EARS

Use your eyes and ears
Before you use your feet
Look and listen
Before you cross the street
Double check and when you're satisfied
Walk, don't run, to the other side

Price for both songs: £3.00 including postage


BUY - CHISH 'N' FIPS on Cassette - £5.50



BIG ONES ARE YOU LISTENING? was written for the tv series. It is an anti-litter song. The reaction to it was very encouraging, so we included it in the stage play when it toured for a second time.

Sample lyric:
Big ones are you listening?
You're a messy lot
Clogging up the gutters
With your garbage and your grot
Leave your rubbish
In some other place
Big ones are you listening?
You're a disgrace!

Half sucked oranges
Squashed fizzy drink cans
Pizza boxes, lolly sticks
Littering the street
Bus tickets, apples cores
Cheese and onion crisp bags
Screwed up chewy sweet wrappers
Sticking to our feet

Please won't you stop it?
Please don't just drop it
Find a litter bin
And throw the litter in

Price: £3.00 including postage


SAVE THE HUMAN is a play about animal rights. Roles are reversed; animals now rule the world and human beings are pets and used for scientific experiments. The sheet music of two songs is available.



SAVE THE HUMAN is the anthem of the altruistic young animals who try to prevent the extinction of the human race.

Sample lyric:
Save the human
He won't die
If we try to
Save the human
Let him be
Set him free

Save the human
Let's be fair
Show we care and
Save the human
End this crime
While there's time

Mammals and reptiles
Birds of a feather
The moment has come
To stand together
Hot-blooded, cold-blooded
Insects, fish
Join as one
To make this wish

ROCK 'N' ROAR is the song sung by The Pride (a rock group featuring lions) at HumanAid, the mammoth concert beamed worldwide to publicise the SAVE THE HUMAN message.

Sample lyric: I wanna rock 'n' roar
I wanna rock 'n' roar
I wanna get back to the jungle
Like I did before
I wanna rock 'n' roar
I wanna rock 'n' roar
I wanna turn back the clock
And do it some more

Price for both songs: £3.00 including postage

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