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Mole's Bedtime Story

Mole's Bedtime Story

This pop-through-the-slot book is generally regarded as the Wood/Fowler classic!

Short-sighted Mole climbs into his animal friends' beds by mistake, before thankfully finding his own bed. The journey through the book becomes a guessing game - each bed resembles its owner.

For many years this book was available in a dozen languages, and it was seen on television in Playdays and, I think, the Tweenies.

For the last few years it has been unavailable, but I am delighted to announce that Random House have republished Mole's Bedtime Story with new artwork by Richard Fowler.

Amazon reviews:

‘I now work with special needs children so that's the reason I ordered a new copy. Not only do I know that they'll love the story but sliding mole through the slots to find his own bed will also help with their fine motor skills.’

‘This is a beautiful story about a little Mole that has lost his bed, and tries to find it. I read this to my children about 20 years ago it was their favourite bedtime story. I’ve now bought this book for my grandchildren and I’m sure they will love it just as much as my own children did. Thank you David Wood for such a beautiful Interactive story that created some of my children’s favourite memories.’

‘We bought the Mole story for my great niece who was three last week. I’ve just had a text from her Mum and I quote “Just wanted say the Moles Bed time is the best book ever and she wants to read it again and again and again’

'I was therefore delighted to find your books on Amazon and know that my grandson (and in turn his sister) will be captivated by the stories.'

'Thank you once again for your generosity and for writing stories which develop a love of reading in young children.'

Funny Bunny's Magic Show

Created with and illustrated by Richard Fowler

Help Funny Bunny perform his amazing magic tricks by sliding him through the slots and lifting the flaps on every enchanted page – It's magic!

Amazon reviews:

‘This is one of the books I buy when people have new babies, for their starter libraries. My kids loved it. The text is great for them to follow along with, and they adore sliding Bunny through the holes in the pages into the next trick. Genuis.’

‘Fantastic books from this clever author. My sons were lucky enough to enjoy an 'author visit' at their school from David Wood a couple of years ago, they still love his books even though they are older & they suggested we bought this one again to give to my little nephew (their 2 yr old cousin) who adores it too!’

‘We have recently discovered this type of toddler book and are slowly collecting them all. This is by far the best of all.’

‘This is an amazing book that I would recommend to any parent with young children!’

Silly Spider

Silly Spider

by David Wood and Richard Fowler.

Eeeek! There's a Silly Spider in the bathroom! Look, he's behind the soap. Oh no, he's crawling on my toothbrush! Where will he pop up next? This is another pop-in-the-slot book by Wood and Fowler that children in schools love as much as the Mole books and FUNNY BUNNY'S MAGIC SHOW.This is a re-published edition, exactly the same as the original, except for the fact it is a paperback rather than a hardback book.

Amazon reviews:

‘My son loves these, all toddlers and young children love all the pop through the slot books - this one fits the bill nicely’

‘All the David Wood pop in the slot books are a great favourite with my kids, I have bought a few, different and involves the little ones - from young onwards’

‘Love this range and this one does not disappoint - love how interactive it is’

Scary Mary

Scary Mary

by David Wood and Richard Fowler.

A Pop-in-the-Slot – Lift–the–Flap interactive book, for 3 years olds and above. A follow-up to its creators' much-loved MOLE'S BEDTIME STORY and FUNNY BUNNY'S MAGIC SHOW. 'Mary' is a die-cut character (a happy hippo), in a pocket; attached to the front cover of the book.

The reader advances the story by slipping Mary into the slot on the front cover, then opening the book to find her popping up to 'scare' her hippo brothers. The story continues by slipping Mary into the slot on each right-hand page. On her way through the book she goes to different rooms all over the house and, in turn, 'scares' grandma, big sister, dad and baby, before the tables are turned and she receives a big scare herself...then, finally, pops out of the back cover – ready to begin again!

Amazon reviews:

‘Love this range of books and this one has not disappointed’

‘All my kids love the 'mole' books and now we can all have fun with scary Mary. The kids can get involved with the book rather than listen passively’

Filming if

Filming If...

by David Wood.

2018 sees the 50th anniversary of the iconic British film IF...., in which I was fortunate enough to co-star with Malcolm McDowell and Richard Warwick. In this book, I share my memories of being on the set as a young actor working with Lindsay Anderson, a hugely talented director.

Includes previously unseen behind-the-scenes photographs, with a Foreword by Malcolm McDowell and an Afterword by film writer George Perry.


'A wonderfully evocative insider's view of the shooting
of one of the best British films ever made.'

Sir Alan Parker

FILMING IF...., the book, is still available and you can get a signed paperback copy via Amazon. If you would like me to sign the book, please let me know by sending an email to me at davidwoodreplies@gmail.com, warning me that an Amazon order is coming! It is also still available by Kindle.

Chi High, Chichester Festival Theatre and Me


by David Wood.

An actor, Playwright and Director looks back

Chichester Local History Society kindly published my short memoir in their series, New Chichester Papers. ‘Memories of Chichester Festival Theatre by a local schoolboy who watched the laying of the foundation stone, then, over a period of fifty years, proudly became associated with the theatre as extra actor, playwright and director.

To order a copy please contact Alan Green - agreenzone@aol.com.


Mole's Summer Story

Child enjoying Mole's Summer Story Created with and illustrated by Richard Fowler

Mole is on holiday at the seaside. He is about to join his friends on a boat trip, when his hat blows away!

Slide Mole through the slot in each picture: under deck chairs, through ice-cream stalls and even into a Punch and Judy show, to help Mole find his big spotty sun-hat.

This was the second book in the Mole series, following the very successful BEDTIME STORY.

Sorry, no new copies are available from me.


The BFG : Plays For Children

adapted from the book by Roald Dahl

Short plays adapted from my stage version of the book. Ideal for children to perform or read in school or in drama groups.

Cinderella Book Cover


This play for children to speak or perform is a rhyming version of the classic tale, specially written for the Collins BIG CAT educational series, mainly sold into schools. On one level it is a reading aid, on another a fast, funny retelling of the most famous traditional story ever.

Cinderella's life is tough,
Her cruel sisters treat her rough.
Fairy Godmother comes to call,
And magics Cinders to the ball.
She meets the Prince, they click, they gel!
But midnight strikes and breaks the spell.
Back in rags and back to mending,
Will she find her happy ending?


Danny the Champion of the World: Plays for Children

Adapted from the book by Roald Dahl

Could you be Danny, or his dad, or even red-faced Mr Victor Hazell? Danny thinks his dad is the most marvellous and exciting father a boy could wish for. Now you can join in their daring and devilish plots with these fun-to-perform plays adapted by David Wood.

David Wood Plays Vol 1

Plays 1 contains

David Wood Plays Vol 2

Plays 2 contains

  • THE BFG,

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

The Discorats

Illustrated by Geoffrey Beitz

On points, Ratalie was a likely winner of the disco dancing competition. But the Rafia Rats want a share of the price. A mouth-watering hunk of gorgonzola cheese, and they make their own wicked plans. They are all set to win the day - and the cheese - when a mysterious, masked dancer takes the floor. Both the Rafia and Fat Rat Sam, the Disco Manager, are in real trouble... The sequel to The Operats of Rodent Garden.

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

The Gingerbread Man

Illustrated by Sally Ann Lambert

The book based on David Wood's internationally successful musical play. It's nearly midnight. All is dark and still in the kitchen. All except Herr Von Cuckoo, that is! He's wide awake, inside his cuckoo-clock, getting ready to call out the time. But then, without any warning he loses his voice! Suddenly the kitchen comes to life, as all the characters who live on the dresser try to find a way to help poor Herr Von Cuckoo. Then they discover a new companion, a freshly baked Gingerbread Man. And it's Gingerbread Man's heroic efforts that finally cure Herr Von Cuckoo's sore throat and save him from the dreaded fate of the Dustbin!

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Happy Birthday Mouse!

Created with and illustrated by Richard Fowler

David Wood's first collaboration with Richard Fowler. At her birthday party, each of Mouse's animal friends gives her a candle for the birthday cake. Young children will enjoy counting the colourful candles and all the funny party guests from 1 to 10. As the numbers get larger, the pages get larger in this charming and unusual counting book - a special gift for that special little someone's birthday!

The Porridge Pincher

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk

JACK AND THE BAKED BEANSTALK was originally published by Pearson Australia. A few years later, Big Cat in the UK, by arrangement with Pearson Australia, published it within their educational list. It is a rhyming play version of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, based partially on my full-length theatre play, JACK AND THE GIANT. The main novelty of the storyline is that the beanstalk is made of tins of baked beans! This play is created for children to read in the classroom or at home, or to play out in front of their friends.

Lady Lollipop

Lady Lollipop

A play for children
Adapted from the book by Dick King-Smith

A play for children adapted from the book by Dick King-Smith. If you loved LADY LOLLIPOP, the book, why not join in the story? There are parts for everyone, as well as tips on mime, movement, music and props. David Wood has adapted the story into a play for thirty children to perform or read. Ideal for schools or drama groups.

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Meg And Mog : Four Plays For Children

Adapted from the books by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski's

In these four short plays, adapted by David Wood from his own stage show and the original Meg and Mog books, there is a part for everyone. And with suggestions for simple staging and costumes, everyone will want to join in! Ideal for acting out, or simply for reading aloud, these plays bring some of the most popular children's book characters to life.

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

The Operats Of Rodent Garden

Illustrated by Geoffrey Beitz

Ratacelli, Manager of the Operats despairs of ever ridding his company of the ageing prima donna, Sophia Ratatzi. All his clever plans to do so are foiled and Sophia brings in the Rafia Rats in retaliation. It looks as if the young and talented understudy, Monsi Ratti, will never have a chance to take over the leading role. But fate in the shape of Purcell, the Opera Cat, pads in with hilarious and satisfying consequences for all concerned. David Wood's first collaboration with illustrator Geoffrey Beitz.

The Porridge Pincher

The Porridge Pincher

As a follow-up to my CINDERELLA, Big Cat have published THE PORRIDGE PINCHER, which is my rhyming play version of the Goldilocks story. Ideally it would be read by children in the classroom or at home, or played out in front of their friends.

A Present for Father Christmas

A Present for Father Christmas

Illustrated by Dana Kubick.

The perfect Christmas book for young children! Lots of pop-ups and even a 3-D Father Christmas grotto! Sam kindly saves up his pocket money to buy a present for Father Christmas, but can’t think what to buy him. 

Father Christmas is so impressed by Sam’s kind letter, that he calls in to see him on Christmas Eve. Sam becomes the first ever child to actually see the real Father Christmas! Instead of giving Father Christmas a present, Sam is allowed to help him deliver presents all over the world – and feed the reindeer.

Published in 2008, this is the first time David has collaborated with illustrator Dana Kubick. 


In my family, we all exclaimed over this pop-up book, not least because it has a great story (most pop-ups do little more than pop). And as I read it, I wished I had thought of the story myself. It is fresh and yet has a pleasing inevitability

It's about a little boy called Sam who decides that Father Christmas needs to be given a present. Sam saves his pocket money and then, come December, is plausibly stumped (in the same way that many of us are about what to give our fathers). On the night that Father Christmas visits, Sam has the money but no gift. Yet Father Christmas is touched by the boy's loving intentions

The tale moves nicely along, like an expertly driven sleigh, and carries its agreeably anti-materialistic –'helping' is more precious than any shop-bought gift.

Kate Kellaway
The Observer, Sunday 14 December 2008

…I also couldn’t resist A Present For Father Christmas: A Magical 3D Adventure.  This pop up book is about a boy called Sam he wants to give Santa a present, saves money but can’t decide what to buy him.  This would be popular with those aged 3 to 6.  It is a lesson in how enjoyable it is to give as well as receive at Christmas...1

Gideon Spanier
The Evening Standard, 22nd December 2009

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Save The Human

Created with and illustrated by Tony Husband

Long ago humans ruled the world but as a result of their wars and pollution they nearly became extinct. Now the animals are in charge and some keep humans as pets. Young Becky Bear has begun to think about how animals treat the humans. When her pet human is kidnapped by the mysterious Professor Rhino's security police, Becky feels something is wrong. And so she begins an international campaign to Save the Human! This is the story from which David Wood adapted the play of the same title. Co-created with cartoonist Tony Husband.

The Owl And The Pussy Cat

Sidney The Monster

Illustrated by Clive Scruton
Won the Nottinghamshire Children's Book Award 1989

Sidney is a monster, and when he's bored he goes out frightening. His beastly faces and rude noises are enough to scare everyone.... Well, everyone except young Millie! This book won the Nottinghamshire Children's Book of the Year Award.

Theatre For Children : Guide To Writing, Adapting, Directing And Acting

Written with Janet Grant

Presenting theatre for children as a separate art form, David Wood draws upon his experiences as a magician, actor, director, producer, composer and playwright, and analyses the skills involved in entertaining and involving audiences of children everywhere.

He reveals his special techniques for catching and holding a child's attention, provides a practical step-by-step guide illustrated with excerpts from his plays, and gives a behind-the scenes look at the work that goes into them. He also examines the business side, showing exactly how a good synopsis will help to sell an idea. This book has become a set text in the UK and also in the USA.

The Twits: Plays for Children

The Twits: Plays For Children

Adapted from the book by Roald Dahl

There's a part to suit everyone and lots of useful ideas about costumes, props and sound effects. Make Mr Twit eat wormy spaghetti, stick a frog in Mrs Twit's bed or join in the cleverest prank of all - the great upside down trick. No matter who you want to be, you'll have a lot of fun in these fantastic plays. Adapted from David Wood's original stage version of THE TWITS.

The Witches : Plays For Children

Adapted from the book by Roald Dahl

Anyone who enjoyed Roald Dahl's THE WITCHES will love these seven short plays. They pick out the key moments in the story and are ideal for acting at school or at home. With useful tips on staging, costumes and props, these plays are easy to perform and lots of fun. Adapted from David Wood's original stage version of THE WITCHES.